Bestselling author and successful entrepreneur lays down the unconventional strategies and tactics he used to escape poverty and pull serious wealth…

From: Jimmy Lee Shreeve
Friday, 8:23pm

Let’s lay it down. Why should you subscribe to my Outlaw Entrepreneur Newsletter? For one, I make money in the real world. Not just with my books, but with a genuine business too. So when I give advice, you can be confident I’ve walked the talk on all levels.

Most people touting “success” books and courses are spinning a dream; they’ve never conducted a genuine business in the real world. They just sell their courses and seminars. And push conventional platitudes along the lines of “you can do it.”

Sure, you can do it. But don’t listen to anybody with cheesy grins and teeth that blind you when they smile. All they offer is “glamchat.”

They talk too damn much.

And most of what they say is totally worthless. I would tell you to punch them straight in the kisser, but I’d get arrested for incitement. So I’d better not.

So what does my newsletter offer that’s so different?

I tell it as it is. Attaining success ain’t easy. It involves sacrifice. Let’s face it, if it didn’t every Tom, Dick and Harry, along with his goddamn dog, would be rolling in money.

For example, sometimes you’ve gotta dump friends, even spouses or romantic partners. You have to look at yourself, and those around you, with the cold light of reason. If they’re holding you back in any way, you probably will have to blow ‘em out.

That’s the way it is. Like I say, sacrifice.

Thing is, though, you can make new friends – and I recommend you make sure they are successful and motivated friends. People that inspire you. Don’t take on anymore losers.

Dumping a spouse, or boyfriend or girlfriend, can be harder. But if they’re limiting your progress, or bringing more negativity than positivity to the table, you need to lose them. If can be tricky if you’re in love with them. But there are mental techniques you can use for switching off love (I detail them in this newsletter and in my recent books).

Bottom line: You gotta do what you gotta do to become successful…

But here’s the even harder part: You also have to look at yourself with clinical and objective scrutiny. Believe it or not, a lot of people hold themselves back from attaining the success they wish for. It’s quite common for people to “shoot themselves in the foot” when things start to get on the up.

You might think they’re mad. But no, they’re not. It’s simply down to their backgrounds. Family, friends, or whoever, have programmed them (usually inadvertently, but not always) with the poverty mindset.

Mostly this manifests as a lack of self-belief and self-worth. Most of us have an element of that.

But it can be overcome…

How? By re-programming yourself.

It’s a simple enough process (you don’t have to know the neuroscience mechanics of it to do it). But it’s not easy. It takes a lot of discipline and sheer determination. The payoff, however, is huge. Not just on a money level, but on a happiness level too.

Not only that, but you’ll have the tools to achieve the life you desire, and will be better able to deal with the setbacks, and the inevitable failures that come when you on the quest for money and success.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to persevere and never, ever give up – because success really does come to those who persist, come what may. The truth is, the only failure is giving up.

As rapper, actor and business man 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) said:

“Get rich or die tryin’.”

So listen, that’s all just a taste of what I go into both here on my blog and in my email newsletter. But that’s not all. I also go into the art and science of advertising copywriting, publicity and marketing, be it online or offline. I’ve been in the trenches of all this since the 1990s. I literally live it. And it was the key to my getting out of terrible poverty to making my first million, and more – all without initial investment.

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