“I’m not The Doctor? Not Doctor Who? Who does that writer guy Mike Cane think he is?” Asks Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who

Technology writer Mike Cane has written on his blog that he is unconvinced by actor Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor in long-running UK Sci-Fi series Doctor Who. In one post he wrote:

Capaldi just isn’t doing it for me.

He doesn’t have a presence. There’s something ephemeral about him.

I understand how it probably seemed a great idea, casting him. But it’s not working out. He’s playing The Doctor. He isn’t The Doctor.

That’s all I have to say.

Fair comments and a personal opinion. But I spoke to Peter Capaldi and he is unamused by Mike Cane’s comments – to say the least. Here is some footage from my conversation with Peter.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve: So you aren’t too happy about what Mike Cane wrote?

Peter Capaldi: Well, who does he think he is? Mike Cane? Who exactly is that? I mean, ‘I’m not the fucking Doctor??!!’ What is that about? I AM the fucking Doctor. In fact, I’m the ONLY Doctor. All the others were rank fucking amateurs.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve: Well, I’m with you, Pete, on Matt Smith… he might have made a Boy Doctor, like the adventures of Superman when he was a a kid… but he didn’t cut it for me at all. Christopher Eccleston, on the other hand, now there was a Doctor…. And David Tennant.

Peter Capaldi: Whose fucking side are you on? Eccleston was a Northern yob, not the fucking Doctor!!! And as for Tennant, well, he was a theatre lovee, with a cock up his arse, that’s all I can say.

At that point I said I was thinking of visiting Mike Cane next time I’m in the U.S. Peter jumped on that and said, “Well, let’s fucking visit him NOW! Come on, let’s get on a plane and I’ll tell him who the real fucking Doctor is.”

So the very next day we got on a plane and flew over to New York, then got a cab over to Staten Island, where Mike Cane lives (he calls it “Satan Island”). I was’t entirely sure of Mike’s exact address, but had a rough idea. And the suburban house we were standing in front of seemed to fit the bill.

“Is this his place?” asked Peter.

“I think so,” I said. “He’s a bit wary of all and sundry visiting him from the internet, and so he doesn’t give out his street address easily – even when I told him I was bringing Peter Capaldi over to see him…. By the way, you are going to behave and be polite, aren’t you? I mean, Mike did say he liked you as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It…”

“Well bully for him,” said Peter. “I’m here to talk about the Doctor not Malcolm fucking Tucker.”

At that moment, the door open and a mysterious figure in the shadows asked us in…

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