Boris Johnson is highly intelligent – he’s not a buffoon… (underestimate him at your peril)

boris johnson highly intelligent

You may not agree with my headline. But if you had direct dealings with BoJo – or indirect as a UK citizen – it likely would pay you to see him as being with it and knowing exactly what he’s doing.

Anything less and you would probably underestimate him.

Sure, it seems like he shoots his mouth off and makes numerous gaffs.  But I suspect that much of what he says and does is calculated.

If you were going to lay money on whether Boris makes UK prime minister or Jeremy Corbyn does – and you put your money on Corbyn, I’d say there’s a good chance you’d lose.

Admittedly, with the rise of Corbyn we’re maybe in a “Wat Tyler moment”, but I doubt it will come to much in the end – like it didn’t for Wat Tyler.

Yes, the groundswell of resistance is there, very much spearheaded by Jeremy Corbyn and his followers. But somehow I think the ruling money elite are ready to play a dirty game to oust Corbyn to the sidelines. Could well be Boris Johnson is part of this game to ensure that Corbyn never makes PM.

In any upcoming election, Corbyn should make PM given his public support, and the fact that he is one of the very few in British politics who has highlighted the inconsistencies in the Salisbury poisoning / Spripal case – which is clearly some kind of ruse to paint Russia as the “bad guy” and maybe derail Brexit. Along with implementing increasingly draconian controls on the UK populace, not to mention getting the Conservatives out of a fix on the various scandals lurking around the party.

So irrespective of your particularly political allegiances, I’d say Corbyn is needed right now as he’s a near lone voice of truth in the murky political landscape we currently find ourselves in.

But underestimating Boris Johnson as a buffoon is probably unwise. He’s more like a calculating enemy of the people who serves the ruling money elite and his own ends. At very least that’s the best way to view BoJo as you are more likely to create a strategy to beat him and his cohorts at their own game.


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