Get rid of unnecessary things (and thoughts)

clutter and unnecessary things

The less you do, and the less you think, the happier you will be. The key to contentment is to empty your life (and mind) as much as possible. Certainly do what you have to do, what needs to be done. But be careful not to clutter your life unnecessarily.

Buying unnecessary stuff… things you don’t need… brings a short-term hit. You feel better. But it don’t last. It also complicates your life. Fills your place up with unnecessary things. And that eats your time on this spinning earth.

What’s the solution?

Be ruthless. Get rid of what you don’t need. Cut the clutter. You don’t use it, trash it.

Same goes for your thoughts. If it ain’t productive, don’t think it. Still your mind, or run some other more productive interior dialogue.

Remember, thoughts spark action. And if that action is based on ego, vanity, emotion (like anger), or fantasy, you’ll just be filling your life with more stuff you don’t need.

Jealously guard your thoughts. Keep ’em in line. That way, you’ll be more happy and content, and you’ll have peace of mind – at least most of the time.

Other thing is to have the confidence (courage, even) to say NO. Don’t agree to do stuff you don’t want to do just to please other people.

More you kick out unnecessary things, the more time you’ll have, and the more tranquil you’ll feel.

There’s a big pay off in dumping unnecessary things. But it takes discipline and monitoring the mind, moment by moment.

It’s worth it.


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