Don’t fear unfortunate events – they can set you on a new and better path

unfortunate events

If an unfortunate event happens to you, it can make you miserable and despondent. To be sure, it might be painful for a while. But often unfortunate events lead you to a new path, one you didn’t expect, but which improves your life for the better.

For example, a minor unfortunate event might happen to you, which you turned out to be advantageous in the long run. And perhaps leads you to look back in wonder at how a turn of fate – one that seemed pretty bad – set you on a new course, one you couldn’t have predicted, and one that brought you renewed zest for life or exciting opportunities.

Certainly, you could lose your job and think the world has ended. But with the free time available without work you might stumble across an inspiring idea and set up a profitable business – one you’d never have thought of, or risked undertaking, while in the security of the job you were in.

Or your husband or wife might run off with another partner, shattering your dreams and family life. But once you get over the pain and heartbreak, you might run into a person that turns out to be far more compatible with you than the person you were with originally.

There are also countless stories of people who have been hit with an illness, or had a serious accident, which debilitates them. Yet they see a way of turning that unfortunate event into an opportunity for doing something new and life-changing in a positive way.

It’s all down to how you perceive the unfortunate event that befalls you. You can wallow in the mire of misery and despair at an apparently negative turn of events. Or you can choose to see it as a catalyst to making your life even better than it was before. You can decide that you will figure out a way to do this. Literally believe that something will come along, be it an innovative idea or some development that proves to be a “eureka” moment where you think: “Yes, I now know how to turn that unfortunate event into something that betters my life and perhaps helps inspire others too. ”

In other words, you turn the unfortunate event into an advantage. To the point that you say to yourself, “I’m glad that unfortunate event happened.”

By doing this you are more likely to be happy and content in life, and know more moments of joy too.

None of this is to say it’s easy. It’s just an attitude to life to strive for.


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