Huel equals happiness: Optimal nutrition and two minutes prep


I use the food replacement powder Huel for two of the meals I have daily – breakfast and lunch. For dinner I eat regular food.

Huel is a joyous thing for me. It provides optimal nutrition and takes two minutes (max) to prepare. For a single meal replacement you add about three scoops of Huel powder and add water (and flavoring if you so wish) into a shaker, then shake vigorously to mix it all up.

Drink it and in seconds you feel full.

You’ve had your meal and you can forget about food for a few hours or so. It really works. And I personally don’t miss regular food for breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I do a whole day on Huel and it’s fine.

It takes no time to prepare and consume. And that means you’ve bought yourself free time by losing the need for protracted food preparation and eating.

Huel powder is vegan and has very low impact on the environment. Pea protein forms its base, and there’s loads of vitamins, minerals and nutrients added to it. So you get all the nutritional requirements the human body needs to function at its optimum.

I could list everything that is in Huel, but can’t be bothered. Go here to find out.

I pay for Huel to be delivered on subscription. I basically pay so the Huel people sort out the optimal nutrition elements. Even for regular food, I don’t want to think about it and research it. They’re the experts, so I leave them to it.

The bottom line for me is, with regular food you are hard put to meet the necessary nutritional needs – even with healthy food. A “balanced diet” isn’t exactly balanced. After all, what does a bowl of porridge for breakfast bring you? Some good stuff, for sure, but hardly the full gamut of what you need.

Huel does. So it’s job done in one meal…

Admittedly, some say its a soulless way to get your food requirements. I can understand that – especially when you think of family meals. Because Huel prep and eating time is mere minutes, you aren’t exactly going to have a get-together around the dinner table.

So it could be argued that Huel is more suitable for single people – or couples if they’re both into the idea of Huel.

I was led to Huel after watching a BBC documentary on the future of food. It had a section on a similar product called Soylent (only available in the US). And I was immediately enthused.

I thought, “Whoa! That’s what we need. A healthy optimal nutrition food replacement powder! You don’t have to cook or take any time to meet your nutritional requirements. You buy yourself a ton of free time!”

I researched online and found Soylent was only available in the US – moments later I came across Huel, which is manufactured in the UK. I ordered immediately and have been using Huel ever since.


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