Fuck opinions – don’t bother having them

fuck opinions

Opinions are a bit pointless. If you can’t do much about something, why bother having an opinion about it? What’s more, if you scrap having opinions, you will have greater equilibrium of mind.

In the end, opinions are mostly about the ego-mind asserting itself. You state your opinion and typically somebody else argues against it, sometimes heatedly.

Where does it get you?

Nowhere. It’s a waste of time. And in the modern world your opinions are generally formulated vicariously. They are born from secondhand sources – like the media.

You see some story on the news engines and promptly have an opinion about it. But you are only taking the new source’s word on the facts. You haven’t experienced the story first hand. So you don’t know how true it is.

Having an opinion on politics is one of the worst paths you can go down. Supporting a political party or a given brand of politics is an act of faith. After all, only rarely will you know a politician personally. Your view and opinion will be formulated from the TV news and media outlets. So you can’t really judge.

Sure, it’s fine to vote for a political party if its manifesto appears to fit your business or personal interests. But having an opinion and believing in the political party is a fool’s game. Look at how many people feel let down by the politicians they believed in.

Equally, it’s not worth taking the opinion of a friend as gospel. They might tell you that a mutual acquaintance is unreliable or a liar, or whatever. You are only taking your friend’s word for it. So why take his or her opinion on board yourself? Again it’s vicarious – secondhand information.

Plus if you give credence to information gained vicariously, and develop an opinion on it, you might go down a road that doesn’t benefit you – and even upset or annoy people in the process. Not much point doing that if you don’t have valid facts.

So limiting your opinions is a good policy. The big benefit being you won’t get irate or annoyed as often. To do it you have to practice trying not to have thoughts about a given subject or event; try and see it as irrelevant. Either that, or attempt to stop thinking altogether. Still your internal dialogue.

You’ll definitely feel more balanced and unperturbed in life.


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