Control your impulses: Think before you act

control your impulses

You can let yourself be bounced around by the random dictates of impulse. And it can work out (at least sometimes). But mostly acting on impulse is a road to being fragmented in life. You end up going nowhere.

Instead of acting on impulse, take a minute (even a day or two) to think it through and reason it out. What seems like a good idea in the moment can turn out a bad idea in the long run.

By reasoning it out, you are essentially performing an “eco-check.” You will be thinking “where will this lead?” And “what are the short and long term implications of it?”

Sure, some might accuse you of being boring and of never taking a chance. But the other way of looking at it is you can waste a lot of time acting on impulse and being blown around hither and dither by the seas of transitory whims.

Filled with enthusiasm for some venture or project, you go into a state of manic drive. This can be positive (mostly as a result of chance). But if it goes nowhere, you’ll have done a lot of work and used up a lot of time – and you might well end up feeling gutted.

In short, your life will be a series of intense highs and lows.

But if you make a habit of thinking before you act, you’ll avoid going on endless wild-goose chases. And with the time saved,  you’re not only more likely to be successful in the ventures you’ve carefully thought through, but you’ll also have a bigger window free for relaxing and chilling out.


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