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Do things your way – don’t rely on others

It takes courage to go into battle or any kind of physical conflict. It also takes courage to stand up for you beliefs. For what you know is right – particularly when those around you disagree with you.

But sitting on the fence is the meek and mild way and won’t get you very far. At worst, it’s the cowardly way. Declaring yourself and standing firm by your convictions is the courageous way.

But courage isn’t just about physical conflict. It comes into many aspects of life. Courage in business might involve having no fear of taking a risk if it seems worth the punt, and so long as your strategy has been well-thought out, and the potential pitfalls and comeback assessed.

Courage also involves being willing to speak your mind if you believe it is appropriate. If you do, do it in a direct and succinct way.

If things go west, and it’s your fault, don’t be afraid to admit that it was your bad. And don’t make excuses. Just do better next time.

Courage in your personal life might include getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you’d really like to do, but feel trepidation about doing. It’s about overcoming fear and not letting it hold you back in life.

Courage can also entail living your life the way you want to, and not worrying about conforming to the expectations of others. After all, other people should be looking at their own lives and sorting them out, not scrutinising yours.

Do things your way. Other people will only hold you back. Only listen to those who have achieved stuff in life. People you respect and look up to. Everybody else, forget ’em.

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