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If you want money and success, your comfort zone is the kiss of death. It’ll hold you back from achieving your ambitions. If you’re poor, it’ll keep you poor. If you’re in a dull-as-hell management job, you’ll stay there up until you draw your pension, or are made redundant.

If you’re miserable, it’ll keep you miserable. If you’re in an unfulfilling or negative relationship, you’ll stay in it.


Batter it to death with no mercy. And every time it rears its ugly head, bash it again. Beat it to a pulp.

Getting out of your comfort isn’t easy. It involves fighting fear. You have to work on not fearing anybody or anything. You won’t succeed. But the idea is to keep trying until a more fearless attitude permeates your being.

The truth is, fear has likely been a big part of your life since you were a kid. Over the years, it will have grown bigger and bigger – almost taking on a life of its own. And this monster you’ve created – fear and staying inside your comfort zone – will have “talked” you out of doing a lot of things, including making money and achieving success.

But if you’ve read this far, there’s likely some part of you that wants, or even yearns, for something different in life. Be it excitement, inspiration, and probably money and success – or leading the kind of life you’d love to lead.

So how do you get out of your comfort zone?

Some do extreme sports like bungee jumping or climbing mountains (I ride motorcycles). If you are into those things, they’ll help – and certainly reduce fear. But if you want success and money, it’s best to stay on mission and not distract yourself too much.

So you look at your weaknesses. Could be you need to adopt a more confrontational attitude with people in your daily life. I don’t mean be nasty to those you come across. More just be yourself and throw stuff out there, and see how people react.

For example, if you’re still working in a job, try seeing yourself as equal to your boss, rather than seeing them as above you. Sure, they hold your comfort and security in their hands. But that’s the point. You’re getting out of your comfort zone. So tell you boss when you think an idea is good or bad. Explain why. And offer up a better idea, which they can take or leave.

Do the same with work colleagues. Be polite, but try and be yourself more with them, rather than adopting a “work self”.

Let your deeper self come to the fore – the part of you that really “doesn’t give a fuck.” This is not only a compelling trait. It also helps reduce fear.

Naturally there is a chance you’ll be fired. But this is the risk you take. Risks, remember, are they key to achieving success. You have to learn to take them. And this involves getting out of your comfort zone…

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