Jimmy Lee Shreeve

I’m Jimmy. An author and journalist. My books include Get Money, Bewitched, Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life, Blood Rites, How To Be Famous, and Hash Brownies.

I’ve written books as Jimmy Lee Shreeve, Doktor Snake and Dr. Hash – and as John E. Shreeve. Why so many names? God knows. You tell me. I know – I’m insane. That sums it up. But it’s okay because my book sales and entrepreneurial activities mean I can afford a pretty nice luxury room in Bedlam.

My byline and work has appeared in over a thousand newspapers, magazines and online media all over the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun.

I’ve been published by Random House, Orion, John Blake, St Martin’s Press, and others. But now I have my own publishing company called SnakeStone books. So I just run my books through that. And may well get around to publishing others soon too.

I’ve also appeared on talk radio and TV across Europe and the U.S, and am the driving force behind the internet phenomenon that is Doktor Snake.

My Amazon Author Pages

Oh and my London-based literary agent is Andrew Lownie, one of the top selling agents in the world.

Business World

As an entrepreneur, I’ve also been involved with numerous companies around the world, mostly in the UK and US. From data conversion and aviation, to military and automotive, along with software development and email marketing. I’ve contributed to various technology books too.

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