To get rich you’ve gotta blow your old friends out – especially if they’re losers

Friends picnicking in a park by a river with a cityscape in the background

If you want to get wealth, nobody must be allowed to stand in your way. Even friends can be your worst enemy.

Particularly if your friends are naysayers or losers – or into drugs and booze, or just out-and-out negative. They’ll drag you down, whether they know they’re doing it or not.

If you are hanging out with losers, get rid of them. They might be great company and fun to be with. Nevertheless you need to blow them out.

Sure, you’ll probably feel guilty about it. But you have to make your mind up and ask yourself whether you want money or not. If you do, then you’ll have to man-up and lose a few friends from your life.

Remember, there’s seven billion people in the world. So you can easily find new friends.

But be selective…

Make sure your new friends are motivated and deeply focused on getting money and wealth. Anything less and you’ll be back to square one – carrying losers.

Ideally, you’ll make some friends who are more successful than you. That way, you’ll be able to learn from them and model some of the methods they use in money-getting.

Do remember, though, that friendships have to be a value exchange. There has to be something in it for both of you. This is very important when it comes to your friends that are more successful than you. Don’t be a toady or a parasite, otherwise you’ll be blown out in short order.

The bottom line is: Get new friends that inspire you. People who get on with things and walk the talk.

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Focus like a motherfucker (to get money and success)

Hand holding a camera lens against a scenic background

Most people are very good at one thing: failing. Why? Because their attention is scattered. They’re all over the place. Blown hither and thither by every dumb thing that comes along.

They don’t have focus.

But if you want money and success – and some level of freedom in life – you don’t just need focus, you need laser focus. You can’t fuck about. You have to know what you want and go all out, hell for leather, to get it – each and every day.

What’s more you have to brush everything else aside mercilessly. Do that and you stand a fighting chance of achieving your ambitions. And not least, getting your hands on some decent money.

Okay, so how to you get focus?

Start with the humble task of washing up. Most people find it dull and tend to daydream while they do it. They’re on autopilot.

The idea is to focus your conscious attention on every aspect of washing your dishes. When your attention wanders (and it will) bring it back to scrubbing the caked-on egg from your plates.

This is a powerful way of disciplining your mind to do what you want it to do. Once you have that skill, you’ll be far less likely to be blown hither and thither by events in life, other people, or even just your damn phone.

Having the ability to control your mind, and focus it, is the royal road to success…

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Bash your comfort zone to death with a baseball bat

If you want money and success, your comfort zone is the kiss of death. It’ll hold you back from achieving your ambitions.

If you’re poor, it’ll keep you poor. If you’re in a dull-as-hell management job, you’ll stay there up until you draw your pension, or are made redundant.

If you’re miserable, it’ll keep you miserable. If you’re in an unfulfilling or negative relationship, you’ll stay in it.

So KILL your comfort zone…

Batter it to death with no mercy. And every time it rears its ugly head, bash it again. Beat it to a pulp.

Getting out of your comfort isn’t easy. It involves fighting fear. You have to work on not fearing anybody or anything. You won’t succeed. But the idea is to keep trying until a more fearless attitude permeates your being.

The truth is, fear has likely been a big part of your life since you were a kid. Over the years, it will have grown bigger and bigger – almost taking on a life of its own. And this monster you’ve created – fear and staying inside your comfort zone – will have “talked” you out of doing a lot of things, including making money and achieving success.

But if you’ve read this far, there’s likely some part of you that wants, or even yearns, for something different in life. Be it excitement, inspiration, and probably money and success – or leading the kind of life you’d love to lead.

So how do you get out of your comfort zone?

Some do extreme sports like bungee jumping or climbing mountains (I ride motorcycles). If you are into those things, they’ll help – and certainly reduce fear. But if you want success and money, it’s best to stay on mission and not distract yourself too much.

So you look at your weaknesses. Could be you need to adopt a more confrontational attitude with people in your daily life. I don’t mean be nasty to those you come across. More just be yourself and throw stuff out there, and see how people react.

For example, if you’re still working in a job, try seeing yourself as equal to your boss, rather than seeing them as above you. Sure, they hold your comfort and security in their hands. But that’s the point. You’re getting out of your comfort zone. So tell you boss when you think an idea is good or bad. Explain why. And offer up a better idea, which they can take or leave.

Do the same with work colleagues. Be polite, but try and be yourself more with them, rather than adopting a “work self”.

Let your deeper self come to the fore – the part of you that really “doesn’t give a fuck.” This is not only a compelling trait. It also helps reduce fear.

Naturally there is a chance you’ll be fired. But this is the risk you take. Risks, remember, are they key to achieving success. You have to learn to take them. And this involves getting out of your comfort zone…

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Get a thick skin (on the road to wealth & success)

Rhinoceros bathing in a river

If I call you a fucking cunt… it’ll seem nice compared to the vitriol you’ll receive on the road to becoming successful.

A lot of people’s mission in life is to be ugly and malicious about other people – particularly against those that raise their heads above the parapet and actually do something in life.

That’s humans for you.

It got far more pronounced, though, when they were bestowed the incredible gift of the internet and social media by tech entrepreneurs. Few give those entrepreneurs thanks for the incredible stuff they’ve been given for free; they just hit ’em with hate.

The best attitude to have is to let all vitriol wash over you.

Don’t let it affect you…

After all, you’d think people would be very nice about Mark Zuckerberg and his gift to the world of Facebook. But no, mostly he gets slated at every turn. What would it take to say, “Thank you, Mark”?

Nobody ever does.

Not that he cares as he’s minted. And he deserves a good payoff for all the flack he gets. He benefits the world and all people do is moan.

Though, to be fair, he might have got more kudos (but less users) if he’d been honest from day one and said, “This thing is free, but I’ll be selling your data – and actually, probably your soul too – to make some cash. If you think that’s a fair deal, sign up.”

So anyway, if you’re on the royal road to success and wealth, the first thing you need to do is develop a thick skin.

A really fucking thick skin like a rhino or T-Rex…

That way, you won’t care about all the hate you’ll attract when you begin to rise above the masses in terms of wealth and/or fame.

Obviously you will gain admiration and respect from some people too. Value that and make the most of it. Because, the fact is, the hordes of haters out there tend to make the most noise, and if you’re not careful this will get to you.

Ironically though, even the hate from haters will raise your profile, and increase your customer base, or level of fame.

Haters don’t realise they are elevating you all the more with their ugly vehemence…

They’re like unpaid PR staff proving the old adage of “All publicity is good publicity, even bad publicity.”

In developing and strengthening your thick skin, you can always remind yourself that even the ugly, gnarled toothed, sick-brain haters are furthering your cause.

I wouldn’t recommend you engage with haters. That’s want they want. They want to rattle you.

So ignore them totally, and like I say develop that thick skin!

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Find a ravenous market and sell to it

Market full of people, girl sitting on chair looking on

To make money in business, you have to have something to sell – products or services. And these have got to be what people want. There has to be an existing market for what you offer.

It is possible to create new markets, but it will cost you a lot of cash to get the word out. And even then, you’d have to do market research and somehow fit what you’ve got on offer into existing markets.

In other words, you create something you think people will want, then set about building up demand. No matter how much money you throw into this, your offer might still prove unsuccessful.

So it’s wise to target existing markets. If you don’t, you’re most likely a naval gazer – self-absorbed. Just look at many sellers on Etsy. They make wonderful stuff. But nobody is searching for it. Nobody cares.

You can spend your whole life creating stuff you like – typically in the quest for self-expression. But it probably won’t get you anywhere.

The art is to find hungry existing markets and sell to them.

Do your research and figure out how big a given market is. Then work out a way to reach the people who might be interested in your offer. You might build an email list, Facebook page, or Twitter. Or for that matter a website, properly optimised for the search engines (SEO), so people searching are able to find you.

Starting by building a list is a good approach as it gives you a good idea of the level of interest – plus you’ll get valuable feedback you can use to improve your offer.

Nothing is a given…

You just take action and test markets and demand. There’s no blueprint. You just do whatever works by testing various marketing channels.

Naturally, having a good understanding of sales copy – and ideally being able to bash out decent ad copy out – is a must. Or if you’ve got the budget, hire a top flight ad copywriter. Don’t scrimp on this. If you hire cheap, they won’t have a clue how to write compelling copy.

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When naysayers say, “You don’t have a life, all you do is work,” tell them to take a running fuck

Stressed business men rushing around with a financial district and clock in the background

Typical naysayers (usually employees) will often say to me, “All you do is work, you don’t have a life.” It doesn’t occur to them that I might actually enjoy what I do – love it, even.

Nope. To them work is a grind, something to be put up with in life.

So my answer to them is, “You’re a wage stiff, stressed to high-hell, and working all hours to pay off your car loan and mortgage, not to mention your kids education. You’re in hock up to your ears. You call that a life? I don’t.”

Mostly they spend their time complaining about their lot, and not doing anything about it.

Whereas I did do something about it.

Admittedly I started early. At twelve-years-old I vowed never to have a job. Sure that meant I was skint for a lot of years, not to mention lots of failed attempts at creating businesses. But in the end, I pulled it off, and the money started rolling in.

Sure, I did have to work all hours to build stuff up. But that’s not a problem – because, at some stage, a lot of it can usually be automated, and you get freedom to do what you want.

When you do get to the stage of having free time, you could swan off on holidays a lot; or you could create more businesses and avenues.

The latter would be work.

But if you enjoy it, then it isn’t work – it’s a holiday!

If you doing what you love, why wouldn’t you want to work all the time?

In fact, when I take a holiday I usually take my laptop with me and hook into wi-fi. That way, if any good ideas come to me, I can begin implementing them.

Quite honestly, I’d feel out on a limb if I couldn’t work while I’m away. I’d be yearning to get home and get on with stuff!

If you enjoy your work/business, then it’s your life. And why not?

How to gain UNTOLD wealth and success – in 49 days – by doing just ONE thing…

Noble looking castle with trees surrounding it, and clouds and sunshine above

Sounds unbelievable? I can understand that. But if you are looking to gain any degree of wealth, and the associated freedom that comes with it, you are mostly likely doing ONE thing wrong.

This thing is working against you at every turn. It’s literally shooting yourself in the foot.

But if you want a top-of-the-range car. A nice detached house in the countryside, or plush apartment in town. Or live in a fucking CASTLE. Then you need to address this one issue that is holding you back.

So what is this issue?

Well, I will tell you. But you need to know that I normally charge £99 to divulge this information. I could certainly offer a discount – perhaps 30% off or even 50%.

But as I’m feeling generous today, I will give you a whopping 100% discount. Yes, that’s right, I’m giving this away for FREE.

And I’m not even going to ask that you sign up to my newsletter or subscribe to my blog.

Nope. There’s no catch whatsoever.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase…

What is it that you’re doing that’s holding you back?

Well, number one you’re way, way, way too busy posting on Facebook … and worse still you’re watching or reading the news and posting about it.

This is an ENORMOUS waste of time. After all, let’s be blunt, if you post about the news and/or politics you probably know very little about it – and you don’t actually know any politicians personally.

So you can’t know what their motivations are. You can only go by what’s in the news and it’s typically biased.

Or you might be moaning about government cuts and austerity. Or criticising politicians on the right or left.

It’s an utter waste of your time.

INSTEAD: Why not make a ton of money, gain some level of freedom, and have a great life?

Put your energies into that!

Don’t walk around the street like a zombie staring at your phone. Put it away and focus on making a great life for yourself.

Who cares what political party is in power? You can thrive and prosper regardless. And if you’ve got the cash you can leave the country and settle elsewhere – and live in a castle like the one above.

In short, you will have options in life.

You won’t have options in life if you waste your time on Facebook without a given purpose for doing so. It’ll keep you poor. And you don’t want to be poor – do you?

So the one thing you need to do is give up Facebook or use it productively to further your own cause – be that for wealth, a decent self-generated income, or whatever.

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