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Ancient peoples living in a cave, overlay image of bitcoin and a mouth eating a beef burger

Why a small community of Bitcoin users is eating meat exclusively.

Source: Inside the World of the ‘Bitcoin Carnivores’ – VICE

Old news story above. But interesting, and increasingly pertinent as the great “what you should eat” gulf widens.

One of the Bitcoin carnivores cited in the article is academic Saifedean Ammous, whose book The Bitcoin Standard is probably currently the best in the crypto and blockchain field. Considering his intellectual statue, you’d imagine he’s thought his eating regime through, and researched the principles in depth. So his opinion on the subject seems to me to be worth listening to.

Interestingly, many of the “crypto-carnivores” see their all-meat diet as being on a par with Bitcoin. It’s another way of bucking the state system and the hegemony of central banking – in this case they see the general food chain as “fiat food” and reject it by eating carnivore.

It’s very much an anarchro-libertarian diet. Some see it as hitting back against what they see as the “liberal left” vegan movement. So in a sense it’s all a very definite lifestyle and idealistic choice.

We also might remember that Jordan Peterson (author of bestseller The Twelve Rules For Life) is on a carnivore diet.

BUT: Before you dismiss this diet, it should be said that Jordan Peterson claims eating this way has completely got rid of his debilitating depression and various other ailments – not to mention losing weight and basically achieving a lean body without really working out.

How about me? What do I eat?

You guessed it, mostly paleo…. and yes, I use and invest in Bitcoin and use some dApps – decentralised apps running on blockchains (mostly alternatives to GSuite and Google Docs)…. although with the later, there are still some bugs.

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