Photo of Extinction Rebellion protests in London with overlay caption saying 'Extinction Rebellion - a Cult of Smarmy Middle Class Bastards?'

Extinction Rebellion are protesting in London this week. Their aim is to disrupt the capital’s roads and thoroughfares. They want to get the government to do something about what they say is impending catastrophe as a result of global warming.

They don’t seem keen on doing much about it themselves. They want nanny state to sort it out, which tends to make me think they’re smarmy leftie middle class bastards, who are self-righteous enough to disrupt the lives of everyday working people, trying to feed their families, and so on.

In fact, a pal of mine at a well-known British tabloid newspaper just sent me over some copy he was writing about this week’s protests (it’s first draft, editorial might not let it through).

“Whining, whinging, ranting… middle classes, with little or no knowledge of climate change issues, converge on London parks… planning to disrupt everyday life for working people, stopping them going about their business. Katie from Enfield says, ‘I could lose my job because of that lot blocking roads, and they don’t even wash, and are probably all on benefits. It’s a disgrace. I’ve got kids to feed.'”

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