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Rhinoceros bathing in a river

If I call you a fucking cunt… it’ll seem nice compared to the vitriol you’ll receive on the road to becoming successful. A lot of people’s mission in life is to be ugly and malicious about other people – particularly against those that raise their heads above the parapet and actually do something in life.

That’s humans for you.

It got far more pronounced, though, when they were bestowed the incredible gift of the internet and social media by tech entrepreneurs. Few give those entrepreneurs thanks for the incredible stuff they’ve been given for free; they just hit ’em with hate.

The best attitude to have is to let all vitriol wash over you. Don’t let it affect you.

After all, you’d think people would be very nice about Mark Zuckerberg and his gift to the world of Facebook. But no, mostly he gets slated at every turn.

What would it take to say, “Thank you, Mark”?

Nobody ever does.

Not that he cares as he’s minted. And he deserves a good payoff for all the flack he gets. He benefits the world and all people do is moan.

So anyway, if you’re on the royal road to success and wealth, the first thing you need to do is develop a thick skin. A really fucking thick skin like a rhino or T-Rex, so you don’t care about all the hate you’ll attract when you begin to rise above the masses in terms of wealth and/or fame.

Obviously you will gain admiration and respect from some people too. Value that and make the most of it. Because, the fact is, the hordes of haters out there tend to make the most noise, and if you’re not careful this will get to you.

Ironically though, even the hate from haters will raise your profile, and increase your customer base, or level of fame.

Haters don’t realise they are elevating you all the more with their ugly vehemence. They’re like unpaid PR staff proving the old adage of “All publicity is good publicity, even bad publicity.”

In developing and strengthening your thick skin, you can always remind yourself that even the ugly, gnarled toothed, sick-brain haters are furthering your cause.

I wouldn’t recommend you engage with haters. That’s want they want. They want to rattle you.

So ignore them totally, and like I say develop that thick skin!

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