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How To Be Famous – ultimate guide to stardom

How to be famous – the ultimate guide to becoming a star and hitting the big time. By Jimmy Lee Shreeve (Orion Books 2009)

You can be a famous star and How To Be Famous shows you how! Turn dream into reality with this definitive, one-stop guidebook!

Have you ever dreamed of singing to millions? Or perhaps acting on screen with Brad Pitt? In this book we show you how to make your dreams a reality!

Becoming a star is not rocket science. Nor is it out of your reach. What it demands is self-belief, self-confidence and self-determination. But don’t worry – if you don’t have these traits they can be learned – and we show you how!

In HOW TO BE FAMOUS we give you examples of how various stars became famous, detailing the steps they took to bring themselves to public and professional notice. These case studies will act as invaluable blueprints and as inspiration in your rise to fame.

See how Leona Lewis, Billie Piper and Zac Efron all did it, and learn from them! With the right steps and the right moves your name could be lighting up the screens before you know it!!!

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What People Say About How To Be Famous

  • Audra (15): “Easy to read with really useful tips and advice”.
  • Imogen (11): “Great quizzes and very inspiring, it shows you can achieve your dreams if you really want to.”
  • Pips (14): “Love the fashion chapter because it explains why fashion is important, but not from a superficial point of view.”
  • T.J (9): “It’s very encouraging and helps you believe that you can do it.”
  • Kyra (13): “It’s very inspiring…like a mentor in a book. It gives me hope and encourages me to reach the stars!”

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