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Noble looking castle with trees surrounding it, and clouds and sunshine above

Sounds unbelievable? I can understand that. But if you are looking to gain a reasonable degree of wealth, and the associated freedom that comes with it, you are mostly likely doing ONE thing wrong.

This thing is working against you at every turn. It’s literally shooting yourself in the foot.

But if you want a top-of-the-range car. A nice detached house in the countryside, or plush apartment in town. Or live in a fucking CASTLE. Then you need to address this one issue that is holding you back.

So what is this issue?

Well, I will tell you. But you need to know that I normally charge £99 to divulge this information. I could certainly offer a discount – perhaps 30% off or even 50%.

But as I’m feeling generous today, I will give you a whopping 100% discount. Yes, that’s right, I’m giving this away for FREE.

And I’m not even going to ask that you sign up to my newsletter or subscribe to my blog.

Nope. There’s no catch whatsoever.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase…

What is it that you’re doing that’s holding you back?

Well, number one you’re way, way, way too busy posting on Facebook … and worse still you’re watching or reading the news and posting about it.

This is an ENORMOUS waste of time. After all, let’s be blunt, if you post about the news and/or politics you probably know very little about it – and you don’t actually know any politicians personally.

So you can’t know what their motivations are. You can only go by what’s in the news and it’s typically biased.

Or you might be moaning about government cuts and austerity. Or criticising politicians on the right or left.

It’s an utter waste of your time.

INSTEAD: Why not make a ton of money, gain some level of freedom, and have a great life?

Put your energies into that!

Don’t walk around the street like a zombie staring at your fucking phone. Put it away and focus on making a great life for yourself.

Who cares what political party is in power? You can thrive and prosper regardless. And if you’ve got the cash you can leave the country and settle elsewhere – and live in a castle like the one above.

In short, you will have options in life.

You won’t have options in life if you waste your time on Facebook without a given purpose for doing so. It’ll keep you poor. And you don’t want to be poor – do you?

So the one thing you need to do is give up Facebook or use it productively to further your own cause – be that for wealth, a decent self-generated income, or whatever.

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