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Human Sacrifice – Blood Rites – ritual killing uncovered

Human sacrifice – Blood Rites – ritual killing uncovered by reporter Jimmy Lee Shreeve. Random House 2005. Exposes Ritual Killings Worldwide.

Around the world, humans are being trafficked, kidnapped, sold and enslaved for the specific purpose of sacrifice.

As covered in this gripping true crime expose, mass-scale migration has seen these gruesome techniques exported from the land of the Aztecs and finding their way to the United States, Britain, and many other locations world-wide.

Voodoo priests in London have been linked to ritual killing…

And not long ago, a Palo Mayombe priestess’s New York City apartment yielded its grisly secrets. One New Jersey investigator says that sacrificial rites are not only going on today, but can be traced back ninety years in that state alone.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve takes us on a hard-hitting, true crime journey, following the initial investigations of Scotland Yard into the murder of a five-year-old boy whose torso was found floating in the Thames in 2001, and travelling to Africa to unveil a grim trade of exporting humans for sacrifices and murders.

He uncovers the dark side of Voodoo and Muti magic…

Which has been linked with a score of sacrifices and murders, and in Mexico, finds a devotee of Palo Mayombe responsible for torturing his victims and boiling them in a cauldron.

Along the way, Jimmy brings his own brand of offbeat true crime reporting to the fore, providing startling conclusions to some of the world’s most horrific murders.

Brutal and disturbing, Human Sacrifice takes us into the dark world of twenty-first-century ritual murder.

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What authors say…

“The deeds [Shreeve] writes about are not relics of some antique age of superstition and irrationality…These are the ghosts that walk our won streets, in broad daylight, propelled by a hunger they can never completely satisfy.”
~ Peter Levenda, author, Sinister Forces

“Human Sacrifice is an electrifying read detailing the history of mankind’s darkest spiritual obsessions. The author takes us deep inside a secret world to reveal bloodthirsty cults, top secret police investigations, and political intrigue […] A real page turner…but sleep with your light on.”
~ Jonathan Tapsell, author of Porn Again Christian

What true crime readers say…

“This is a great book…”

“I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading it as given the subject matter I wasn’t expecting to. The book deals with some truly gruesome crimes and the descriptions of some of these are very graphic! What makes the book different and interesting for me is that Jimmy Lee Shreeve has a background in Voodoo and, while not excusing or condoning any of the atrocities, he is able to offer a good deal of insight into what the perpetrators of these acts expect to get from them and why they believe they work. This is very different to anything I had read before and this sounds strange as it deals with murder and human sacrifice – it is gripping and very easy to read. This is my first Jimmy Lee Shreeve book but it won’t be my last. I recommend this book to adults everywhere.”
Reader from the UK.

“Compelling reading – but you need a strong stomach…”

“This book contains the stuff of nightmares and certainly requires a strong stomach. I read this book with a mixture of enjoyment and revulsion. Most of the cases of human sacrifice are described very graphically and there are some grim pictures, so the parental warning is definately justified. Jimmy Lee Shreeve covers cases from around the world including here in the UK. In some instances the sacrifices are done out of shear bloody desperation as in some of the killings to the Hindu goddess Kali. Other killings are done out of greed i.e the gangsters and drug dealers who want protection from the law and believe a human sacrifice will give them protection from the gods. And some killings are the result of pure madness as in the German Satanists who hacked to death a good friend to appease their chosen god – then refused to take any blame for it. Shreeve comes up with some interesting thoughts on why people commit such atrocites and also provides some relief from the blood and gore with colourful anecdotes of his own. This is a compelling and horrifying book and not easy to put down once you start to read. I thoroughly recommend it.”
Reader from the UK.

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