If you learn to love your enemies, they probably won’t love you back – but you’ll probably make a sale…

love enemies make sale

It might sound trite, but learning to love your enemies, or at least feel some warmth and humanity towards them, is more likely to make you a sale.

Naturally if you were a Jewish person in Nazi Germany, you wouldn’t try and love Hitler – you’d just get the hell out of the country. So when I say “enemies”, I’m talking more about those people that irritate you and wind you up. Stuff that isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things. But sends most people ballistic with indignation, if not rage.

It’s all too easy to let emotion get hold of you. Things like irritation at people you don’t like, but have to deal with. Not only does it spoil your day, but people pick up on it, and it brings a downer on their day too. It’s a vicious circle.

And if you’re in the business of sales, which most of us are whether we know it or not, controlling your emotions and exuding warmth come what may, is more likely to make a sale.

Even if people hit you with objections just to wind you up. Or they are sarcastic towards you. Well, you don’t have to react. Your life doesn’t depend on it. So keeping your emotions in check, and maintaining a good feeling in yourself, and towards others, will make all the difference to your day. And you’ll very likely secure a deal or pull a sales contract too.

But how do you go about loving your “enemies”?

The way to love your enemies is both simple and hard at the same time. But I recommend you view it as simple and accept that it takes a bit of practice. What you do is you start your day deciding you will love your enemies. That you’ll at very least exude warmth towards them whatever they say or do.

And then when you are confronted with an “enemy”, somebody you really don’t like, but have to deal with, stop thinking! Don’t think stuff like, “God, this person is annoying me.” Because, if you think that, they WILL annoy you, guaranteed.

You see, your thought patterns set off emotion. Then your emotion leads to more negative thoughts, and soon you’re in a right old state. Whereas if you stop thinking in words, the emotional response doesn’t set off. And you maintain equilibrium.

This means your day will be a lot better. And it means even annoying people are more likely to be pleasant towards you, or at least warmer towards you. That in turn means you might just score a sale, or get whatever it is you want. All ways round, everybody will be happy.

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