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Jimmy Lee Shreeve’s byline and work has appeared in over a thousand newspapers, magazines and online media around the world, including The Independent, Financial Times, Sunday Express, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, Mail On Sunday, Best Magazine, Chat, How To Spend It, Maxim, Front, and The Sun. Below is a selection…

Windows: How to transform your property
Bespoke timber frames not only revitalise period properties- adding style and environmental credentials – but can turn sterile modern buildings into homes with real character, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve (The Independent, May 13, 2009).

Broadband: How to find the deal for you
If you want to surf the web, watch TV, make calls (and save money) you need to find the right multimedia package. Jimmy Lee Shreeve rounds up the best bundles now on offer – and explains which could fit your bill. (The Independent, April 29, 2009).

Terror in Beverly Hills
In 1964, two Hollywood newlyweds moved into a house in plush Beverly Hills. Within days they began to experience terrifying poltergeist phenomena which led to them nearly being burned to death in an unexplained fire. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Paranormal Magazine, June 2009).

Chip and pain: A financial fiasco
Paying by card has never been easier – and neither has being scammed. Jimmy Lee Shreeve investigates. (The Independent, April 22, 2009).

Sorcerers among us
Witches, wizards and shamans of many kinds thrive in today’s multi-cultural Britain, as Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Paranormal Magazine, April 2009).

Cabin fever: A bad case of Aerotoxic syndrome?
Campaigners claim toxic fumes inside aircraft pose serious health risks to passengers and crew. Now MPs are asking for a public inquiry. Should we be worried? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, March 17, 2009).

The gamer’s book of records
It takes dedication and skill to make it on to the pages of the Guinness World Records. Jimmy Lee Shreeve learns the secrets of the lightning-fingered gamers who’ve done it. (The Independent, March 4, 2009).

Are flatscreens really worth buying?
Demand for the most expensive models is in freefall – but if you go for a ’bargain’, you may wish you’d saved your cash. So how do you choose the right TV? Jimmy Lee Shreeve finds out. (The Independent, February 18, 2009).

Get fit quick: The fast track to fitness
Thirty-second bursts of intensive exercise may be just as beneficial as hours at the gym, scientists say. Is this the ultimate time-saving workout? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, February 10, 2009).

How being haunted affects a house’s value
If a deal seems too sweet, there could be a ghostly explanation. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, February 4, 2009).

Running: How not to hit the wall
If your New Year fitness resolution is on its last legs, all is not lost, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, February 3, 2009).

Why gaming is banishing the blues
In tough times, escapism is big business – and the games industry is reaping the rewards. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports on the consoles vying for victory. (The Independent, January 21, 2009).

Open fires: Gorgeous and good value
Got a romantic notion about having an open fire? Go ahead – it’s a great way to save money, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, January 7, 2009).

Drug driving: can ’drugalysers’ stamp it out?
The Euston underpass had never looked so beautiful. The mix of rain and oil spillage – and the influence of copious amounts of marijuana and hashish – had turned the tarmac into a hypnotic rainbow. (The Independent, December 30, 2008).

The secrets of Number 13…
When actor Robert Goodman moved into 13 East Park Parade in Northampton it was as if he’d walked into a real life horror movie… (Paranormal Magazine, December 24, 2008).

Can gaming save the record industry?
Music gaming is making millions and encouraging the stars of the future. Jimmy Lee Shreeve waxes lyrical. (The Independent, December 17, 2008).

Garages: What do you do in yours?
(Designed to keep cars safe but often stuffed with junk, garages can be turned into kitchens, studies or even art galleries. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports from behind closed doors. The Independent, December 10, 2008).

President George Bush’s dark eco legacy for Barack Obama
In his last days in office as President, George Bush is busy watering down hard-won environmental regulations, which new boy Barack Obama may find difficult to roll back. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, December 2, 2008).

Canal boat living: Rise of the eco river gipsy
Living on Britain’s inland waterways is becoming increasingly popular for the freedom and sustainable lifestyle it offers – but the humble narrowboat could also pave the way for greener shipping. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, November 27, 2008).

Take the plunge: canalboat living
More than 15,000 people now live on Britain’s canals. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, November 26, 2008).

Recycling industry in a slump
The once booming UK recycling industry is in crisis. Mounds of now worthless tin cans, paper and plastic bottles are piling up in warehouses, attracting rats and posing a fire risk. So what happened? Asks Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (Telegraph Earth, November 14, 2008).

Forget the gym, go free running
Don’t slog it out on the treadmill – vaulting, jumping and climbing is much more fun, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve who explains why he took up free running in his forties. (The Independent, November 11, 2008).

The Devil’s Pact
Did 1930s bluesman Robert Johnson really sell his soul to Satan for guitar brilliance and fame? Asks Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (Paranormal Magazine, November 11, 2008).

Neil Young: Turning the world green with a car
Veteran rock star Neil Young teamed up with the man dubbed the “motorhead messiah” to transform his 2.5 tonne, 1959 Lincoln Continental gas-guzzler into an eco-car. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, November 7, 2008).

Gnome sweet gnome: they’re back…
After suffering an image problem, the garden ceramics are making a comeback, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, November 5, 2008).

Reverse vending: Bring back your empties and save the planet
Once kids made a penny for every bottle they returned, now Tescos and other organisations are installing recycling machines that reward you with points, vouchers and even MP3 players. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, October 31, 2008).

Sarah Palin: Pointing a loaded gun at the environment?
She’s the gun totin’, Republican evangelist with the vice presidency in her sights. If she succeeds it could be bad news for the environment. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, October 21, 2008).

McCain vs Obama: the campaigning just got virtual
Facebook groups and YouTube movies, virtual concerts and webcams. This election battle will be won (and lost) online, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, October 8, 2008).

Thames Torso Killing: Sacrifice or Extremist Christian Scam?
In 2001, the torso of a little black boy was found floating in the River Thames. The case has never been solved. But Scotland Yard believe it was a Juju ritual human sacrifice. British journalist Jimmy Lee Shreeve, however, has uncovered evidence to suggest that extremist Christians hi-jacked the investigation in a bid to revive the “satanic panic” of the 1980s. (The Libertarian Enterprise, September 29, 2008).

Art forgers: What lies beneath
My latest newspaper article covers how forgers have been conning the art world for generations – but now a new detection system can spot even the best fakes. (The Independent, September 3, 2008).

Shipping: The greening of the ocean waves
Although not included in the Kyoto Protocol, the maritime industry’s CO2 emissions rival those of aviation. But new initiatives from port authorities look set to make shipping more eco-friendly. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, July 22, 2008)

Hypermiling: Zen in the art of eco-driving
A new, eco-friendly driving technique involves squeezing every last mile out of a tank of fuel, with some achieving 70 mpg. But is it safe? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, July 17, 2008).

Airships: Colonel Blimp’s eco-flight credentials
Airships might be far from supersonic, but they offer the potential for environmentally-friendly air travel. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (Telegraph Earth, June 20, 2008).

Mile-high tower wars: How tall is too tall?
The Burj Dubai will soar 800m above the Arabian desert, but a new mile-high tower is set to dwarf it. Jimmy Lee Shreeve asks: how tall is too tall? (The Independent, June 18, 2008).

Seaside showdown: They’re Britain’s most fought-over stretches of coast – but which has the hideaway for you?
Our crack househunters went in search of sun, sand, surf and high society. (The Independent, March 5, 2008).

Should Britney play boozy Blanche in West End?
Wrong byline! (Sunday Express, April 6, 2008).

Britain’s price map – redrawn
The North-South divide has moved. So where are the bargains now? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, November 7, 2007).

Ebooks: The end of the page-turner?
Many writers fear that the ’ebook’ is killing off the printed word, but some, like Jimmy Lee Shreeve, think the future lies in online publishing. (The Independent, October 24, 2007).

Neighbourhood Watch: Wisdom of the east
Not all historic, pretty cities cost a fortune. As old riverside warehouses are converted into cheap, chic flats, Jimmy Lee Shreeve falls for Norwich. (The Independent, October 10, 2007).

Linux: Hasta la Vista, Microsoft!
It’s faster than Windows, it fights viruses – and it’s free. Jimmy Lee Shreeve on the software that’s bringing more power to our PCs. (The Independent, August 29, 2007).

Hanham Hall: Eco-town or eco-spin?
Developers are battling it out to win the contract to build Britain’s first eco-village, which will serve as a prototype for the five eco-towns proposed by the government in May. Is this the beginning of a green building revolution or an empty marketing ploy? (Telegraph Earth, August 24, 2007).

The stone age diet: Why I eat like a caveman
Desperate to lose weight, Jimmy Lee Shreeve found that only one diet did the trick; that of Paleolithic man. Bring on the meat (The Independent, August 27, 2008). Also published in The Belfast Telegraph.

Bee decline threatens our dinner and the countryside
Bees are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. This could not only have a devastating impact on our food supplies, but could also turn our brightly-coloured meadows into grey hinterlands. (Telegraph Earth, August 3, 2007).

The end of e-mail: discover new ways to stay in touch
It was the 250 e-mails a day that finally sent Darren Lennard, managing director of the investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort, over the edge… (The Independent, July 25, 2007).

How green is Brown?
He composts and has solar panels on his house, but how strongly will the environment feature on the agenda of new PM Gordon Brown? (Telegraph Earth, June 29, 2007).

Deadly dangers of the deep
So you thought flying was the most dangerous part of your holiday? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reveals why going to the beach is even riskier. (Sunday Telegraph, June 28, 2007).

Green skies?
Britain’s airlines are announcing new planet-friendly schemes almost by the week – but are they as green as they’re painted? (Telegraph Earth, 26 June, 2007).

101 Really Useful Websites
The net’s not just about eBay and MySpace. The ingenious sites here can transform your life in the real world. Want to be first in line for gig tickets, find free parking or get paid to shop? It’s all just a click away. (The Independent, June 11, 2007). Compiled by Rebecca Armstrong, Rhodri Marsden, Abigail Outhwaite and Jimmy Lee Shreeve.

Why I Threw Away My Specs
You wear lenses while you sleep, then wake up with perfect vision. Short-sighted Jimmy Lee Shreeve tried it and couldn’t believe his eyes. (The Independent, June 5, 2007).

Bodies For Evidence
How new laws have led to a shortage of human cadavers for use in medical research. (The Independent, May 29, 2007).

Online TV: The choice widens
Whether you want ’The West Wing’ via Wi-Fi, or ’Bergerac’ on broadband, there’s now an online TV service to suit. (The Independent, May 16th, 2007).

Avoid The Allergy Trap
Many food allergy sufferers are at risk because they fail to ask about ingredients or are given the wrong information. (Daily Express, May 1, 2007).

Pimp My Homepage
Weather, news, games, auctions… you know the web content you want. Now you can create your perfect home portal. (The Independent, February 28, 2007).

Sat-nav: meet the route masters
Sat-nav has transformed life behind the wheel. Jimmy Lee Shreeve joins the digital mappers who pootle about to make it all possible. (The Independent, November 1, 2006).

Blue-sky broadband: how internet access could get even faster
Super-fast internet access is on its way, but we may have to rewire Britain first. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports on a rival plan to do away with cables and beam the web into our homes – from airships. (The Independent, October 25, 2006).

Snuff County
Getting a haircut leads crime beat journalist, Jimmy Lee Shreeve, onto a bizarre and grisly trail of murder, hardcore porn and snuff movies in darkest England. (Hi-Tech Criminal Justice Online, October 10, 2005).

Textbook answers: a guide to online help with homework
Endless hours spent in dusty libraries are ancient history. All the homework help your children need can be found online. Jimmy Lee Shreeve swots up on the websites that can turn kids into mini-Einsteins. (The Independent, October 4, 2006).

Modern fiction: the best e-book sites
If you only use your iPod for music, you’re missing out on the other half of the story. Jimmy Lee Shreeve tests the best e-book sites. (The Independent, September 27, 2006).

Why air con is ruining our environment
Our love of air con is making the world even hotter. (The Independent, August 24, 2006).

The best memory devices
Is your hard drive jammed with music and pictures, or do you need to carry files with you? The latest storage gadgets can solve everyone’s problems, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, July 26, 2006).

The resurrection men
Surgeons have already brought frozen dogs back from the dead. Now they want to get their hands on us. Medical miracle – or zombie nightmare? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, July 20, 2005).

Asteroid impacts: can we keep Armageddon at bay?
It’s easy to dismiss asteroid impacts as sci-fi scare stories, but this month’s near-miss raises the question: can we stay off the collision course? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, July 19, 2006).

An aerial view of Britain’s DAB stations
Are you making the most of your digital radio? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, June 28, 2006).

Making yourself invisible: could it leap from fiction to fact?
Jimmy Lee Shreeve does a disappearing act. (The Independent, June 14, 2006).

The new breed of cyber-terrorist
Could a ruthless new breed of cyber-terrorist cause meltdown at the click of a mouse? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, May 31, 2006).

High-definition TV: How to get it and the best gear to buy
High-definition TV will be the biggest technological advance since the switch from black and white. Jimmy Lee Shreeve brings you the lowdown. (The Independent, March 22, 2006).

Computer gaming hits the big time
Computer gaming has gone from a pastime for geeks to a genuine spectator sport. And its top-ranking ’athletes’ can win £150,000 a year in prizes. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Indendent, March 1, 2006).

Rise of the robots
2006 could be the year when androids finally make it into the home. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports on the gadgets and gizmos set to conquer the world in the coming months. (The Independent, December 28th, 2005).

I spy with my little laptop
It’s supposed to be a tool for fun and research, but now governments fear it may be helping terrorists. Jimmy Lee Shreeve zooms in on Google Earth. (The Independent, December 21, 2005).

Nanotechnology: Big trouble in the mini-revolution?
Nanotechnology could treat cancer or create clean energy. But what happens if nano-particles enter our bodies? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports on the mounting fears. (The Independent, December 7, 2005).

Hand-cranked computers: Is this a wind-up?
Hand-cranked computers cheap enough for every child in the world? It sounds ideal, but not everyone is happy. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, November 23rd, 2005).

How a favourite sci-fi fantasy is becoming a reality
Fab Labs will benefit everyone from guitar enthusiasts to Third World farmers. Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, November 20th, 2005).

The march of robots into our lives
There’s a new breed of thinking robots on the loose. They can cross deserts, fight wars and explore space – as well as read your e-mails, look out for burglars, clean your house and persuade you to join them for a work-out. Resistance is futile, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, October 12, 2005).

Films on the web: Power to the people
A new website allows anyone to show a short film. Now we can all have our four minutes of fame, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, September 28, 2005).

CSI Foils Felons
Police are using sophisticated laser scanning techniques to create virtual reconstructions of crime scenes – helping detectives solve difficult cases and juries make more informed decisions. (Hi-Tech Criminal Justice Online, September 2005).

Cyber sleuths
By guest columnist Jimmy Lee Shreeve. Computer forensic analysts – the consulting detectives of the digital world – are in big demand as computer-related evidence proves increasingly critical in solving crimes. (Police One, August 16th, 2005).

Dangerous lines
Mobiles can signal life and death in terrorist attacks. But is it really in our interests for the Government to shut down the networks? Jimmy Lee Shreeve reports. (The Independent, July 13, 2005).

iPods as study aids
America’s Duke University is now giving iPods to its students. Amazingly, some are even using them to study, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve. (The Independent, June 22, 2005).

Show me the evidence
Detectives can now recreate crime scenes down to the tiniest detail. Jimmy Le Shreeve meets the laser-scanning crimebusters. (The Independent, March 30, 2005).