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Unthinking Barbarian Book Cover
The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules of Life by Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Become an unthinking barbarian. Live by your own rules and shape your own destiny.

Drawn from experience, the Vikings, bikers, and the Code of the West, these nine rules for life show you how to uphold powerful old school virtues that have been lost in the current Age of Lies.

COURAGE: standing up for yourself, your group, and your convictions.

TRUTH: speak it, live it, fight for it. Honesty with yourself and others.

HONOUR: keep promises, be punctual, stick to your word.

FIDELITY: keep faith with your friends, family, and code of ethics.

DISCIPLINE: will power, physical strength, shutting your mouth when you’ve nothing to say.

HOSPITALITY: helping people out, being chivalrous and sociable.

INDUSTRIOUSNESS: Keeping busy, striving for excellence, getting things done.

SELF-RELIANCE: independence, thinking for yourself, ability to fix stuff.

PERSEVERANCE: Never giving up, determination in the face of danger, trusting to your luck.

The fight is on! The barbarians are returning with a vengeance…

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