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Paranormal romance novel “Bewitched”

Cover of "Bewitched", a paranormal romance novel by J.L. Shreeve

In this gripping paranormal romance novel, store supervisor Jane has her man stolen from her by a spoilt, posh girl into dark witchcraft and spells. With the assistance of a voodoo witchdoctor, she decides it’s time to get him back….

By J.L. Shreeve (SnakeStone, 12 Feb. 2019)

Dark spells and a love betrayed due to an evil witch’s enchantment…

Jane had the perfect man until “the bitch” wrenched him away. Is James just having an affair?

Or has her lover fallen victim to dark witchcraft? And is some, even more terrible, supernatural enchantment at play?

Aided by a mysterious Voodoo Witchdoctor, Jane sets out to get her lover back and save his very soul.

While it’s in the paranormal romance genre, it also features real life voodoo man Doktor Snake, who steps in to help Jane lift the terrible black magic spell that’s been laid on James.

Will he succeed? Will Jane get her man back? Or is it too late?

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Excerpt from “Bewitched”, a dark paranormal romance…

Not far away was another parked vehicle. “James’ car,” said Jane, a concerned ring to her voice. “He’s beaten us to it. I hope we’re not too late.”

“Come on,” said Doc, jumping out of the car. “We’d better move it.”

The two ran along the footpath towards Burn Hill, slowing to a walk as they grew closer to avoid tripping on the rough ground now that darkness had fully set in.

Not far away came the flapping of wings. A black bird flew out of a nearby tree heading in the direction of Burn Hill. The pesky crow, thought Doc, increasing his pace, certain it meant Driscilla wouldn’t be far behind. With luck they’d make it to James before he broke the witch bottle and have time to set his soul free before she turned up. He didn’t mention it to Jane, but he wasn’t exactly confident given Driscilla’s evident abilities with witchcraft. But they had to try.

Five minutes later Doc and Jane reached the circle of trees at the top of Burn Hill. At first they couldn’t see anyone, then Jane spotted James kneeling down by the roots of one of the trees, digging frantically with his bare hands. “James!” she shouted. “Leave the bottle where it is.” But it was too late he’d dug it up. Placing the witch bottle on the ground, he picked up a large stone, muttering, “Have to destroy the bottle, my soul, my soul… I need to feel myself again.”

Doc and Jane dashed over in a bid to stop him. Jane grabbed his arm which held the stone, and pulled him to her, embracing him, tears streaming down her face. “Don’t break the bottle,” she said quietly trying to calm him down.

“Best give the bottle to me, James,” said Dr. Snake. “I can return your soul and put things right. I’ll have to use sorcery to do it, though. You’ve probably seen enough of that to last a lifetime. But it’s the only way I’m afraid.”

Clearly dazed, James looked to Jane. “He can be trusted,” she said….

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Bewitched by Jimmy Lee Shreeve
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