Musings from the chaos zone – prime cuts.

Abandon all hope (well, most of it, anyway) - Hope isn't all it's cracked up to be. We usually consider hope to be a good thing. But if you allow yourself to hope, you run the risk of starting to worry...
How to get anxiety in perspective and under control - A lot of people suffer from anxiety these days. But what exactly is anxiety? It's about wanting to control something that's out of our control.
Control your impulses: Think before you act - Instead of acting on impulse, take a minute to think it through. What seems like a good idea in the moment can turn out a bad idea in the long run.
Compile your “not-to-do” list - The more you agree to do stuff you want to do, and say no to things you don't want to do, the better your life will be.
Fuck opinions – don’t bother having them - Opinions are a bit pointless. If you can't do much about something, why bother having an opinion about it?
Don’t live in a fantasy world: Wake up because daydreaming has consequences - Even when we are awake, we are as good as asleep most of the time. We're busy daydreaming. That's fine IF our daydreaming - our mental movies - are positive...
Be happy now – not when this or that happens - Psychologists call it "conditional happiness." It's when you say to yourself, "When [so and so] happens, I'll be happy."
The shortcut to wealth – want less - In the end, your level of wealth is dictated by how much stuff you want - but can't afford. It's all down to desire. If you don't want a lot you're doing okay.
Be happy with very little - The less you have the happier and more free you are. Possessions weigh you down. You need some things, obviously. But too many enslave you...
Don’t fear unfortunate events – they can set you on a new and better path - It might be painful for a while. But often unfortunate events lead you to a new path, one you didn't expect, but which improves your life for the better.
No point worrying, it might never happen - If you spend your time worrying about something that might happen in the future, you're wasting your time. It might never happen. In which case you've been miserable for no reason.
Get rid of unnecessary things (and thoughts) - The less you do, and the less you think, the happier you will be. The key to contentment is to empty your life (and mind) as much as possible.
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