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Unthinking Barbarian logo - Viking berserker wielding axe and with a bear baring its teeth.

My book, The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life, lays down a code of ethics for living. But what do I mean by “Unthinking Barbarian”?

An Unthinking Barbarian is somebody who lives by their own rules and strives to shape their own destiny.

To be able to do that, you need to develop the capability of “not thinking.” That is, you think in words (self-talk) when it’s useful and productive to do so. And stop thinking when it’s not.

That’s the way of the Unthinking Barbarian.

By doing this, you aren’t blown hither and thither by random-generated thoughts that take you nowhere. But you are more than capable of going somewhere, because you’ve got the mental tools and discipline to do so.

OK, that’s the “unthinking” part… but why “barbarian”?

The “barbarian” aspect of Unthinking Barbarian is because most people today are weak-willed, castrated sheep who follow the herd. They have no code of ethics. They aren’t about anything. You can’t rely on them.

People today are mostly a sad reflection of what once was. By that I mean the Vikings and Saxons, the cowboys and gunslingers of the Old West, Mongols, Huns, and pirates. And in more modern times, one-percenter motorcycle clubs and hardcore Odinist heathens.

In short, barbarians. Yes, okay, it’s a derogatory term. But they were (and are) all people with a code of ethics. Most importantly, they’re about something. They know who they are.

If you treat them with respect, they’ll treat you well too. If you don’t, woe betide you. That’s how it should be. Fuck with me, and I’ll seriously fuck with you…

In this age of lies, and all the political correctness crap, the fight is on…

The barbarians – or more precisely, the Unthinking Barbarians – are returning with a vengeance. They’re riding their powerful, long-maned steeds over the hills and dales and making their homesteads in rural areas or on the outskirts of towns.

Unless there’s no other choice, the Unthinking Barbarian won’t enter the central areas of towns and cities because urban conurbations are the strongholds of the oppressors – the authoritarian autocrats and their lifeless and compliant zombie minions (i.e. snowflakes).

So seek out the rolling countryside, listen to nature’s song, quiet your mind, and hear the runic whispers that speak of a new day dawning. The great tree will shake. The oppressors hoards will rise, but we will be ready to retake our world. In a divine frenzy, we shall heal the blight that has overtaken our lands.

In the name of the old gods, rise up! The Unthinking Barbarians are coming…

The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules for Life

The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules for Life

Drawn from experience, the Vikings, bikers, and the Code of the West, these nine rules for life show you how to uphold powerful old school virtues that have been lost in the current Age of Lies.
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