The Business Of Religion, Self-Hypnosis + High Seas Piracy & Freedom

Religion, the big money spinner… how self-hypnosis can bring you the same effect as religious ecstasy (without the religion part)… plus hitting the high seas as pirates in Bill Gates’ luxury yacht…

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I muse on how religion is both big business and a control system. Then describe how you can get the same high that religion brings believers using self-hypnosis. You can cut out the Ten Commandments and get direct to the endorphin-driven religious “ecstasy.”

I move to how, during the Age of Reason, authors like Daniel Defoe eschewed the control system of religion and were essential deists, who believed in a Supreme Being, come creator, but that was it – no tenets and no creed.

After that I get into stealing Bill Gates’ luxury, ocean-going yacht and becoming pirates, and setting up a freedom colony in Madagascar or some far-flung island in the Pacific.