Marooned In Dunkirk

Marooned in Nazi occupied France during WW2, Ted Shreeve and his men evaded capture against the odds, even taking a risk to boost morale that could have led to being shot on the spot as a spy…

Recounts how my dad, Edmund “Ted” Shreeve (1913-2007), was marooned in France with his men after the British Expeditionary Force pulled out of the country using whatever boats they could find. The story is told by me from memory and recounts how Ted and his platoon had to hide out to evade German soldiers – along with how he brazenly went into an occupied town to buy beer and cigarettes to boost the moral of his men.

At the beginning of World War II, I went over to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force. I was in command of a platoon in the Suffolk Regiment. I’d joined the army back in 1932. Although I’d grown up in Norwich, in the east of England, I opted for the Suffolk Regiment for something different. But I’d travelled a lot since leaving Norwich for London at seventeen. So I didn’t particularly have any regional ties.

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