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The barbarians are returning with a vengeance - drawing of a viking warrior pointing.

The barbarians are coming back and they’re gonna retake the world from the shackles of the thought police oppressors and globalists…

These are dark times. Governments and the wealthy globalist elites (basically organised crime syndicates) are subjugating humans. Brainwashing them into passivity. And most go along with it like sheep to the slaughter.

The snowflake generation swallow this mind-programming wholesale. They are the sad, snivelling front-line for the elites. Their whining and whinging is used to create more and more laws and regulations. All designed to take the last vestiges of heart, honour, and vibrancy out of humanity.

They are traitors. But they know not what they do. They are oblivious to all, save their own toddler-like squeals when they don’t get their own way.

But the fight is on. The barbarians are returning with a vengeance…

Riding their powerful, long-maned steeds over hills and dales. And making homesteads in rural areas and on the edge of cities.

Unless there’s no other choice, they won’t enter towns and cities because urban conurbations are the strongholds of the oppressors – the authoritarian autocrats and their lifeless, compliant and politically correct zombie minions.

The oppressors of our world are great, lumbering stone giants. They will be slain by the hammer and the sword. And by the battle-frenzy of neo-berserkers.

As part of the eternal cycle, Ragnarok shall come and a new world will be born. Be strong. Fight the good fight for freedom. Do what is just and good.

Stand by your family, close friends and group. Be true to your personal values, and don’t let the ever-present authoritarian brainwashing get to you.

Seek out the rolling countryside. Hear natures song. Still your mind. Listen for the whispers of the runes that speak of a new dawn coming.

The great tree shall shake. The oppressors’ hordes may rise. But we will be ready to retake out world.

In a divine frenzy we shall heal the blight that has overtaken our lands.

Rise up in the name of the old gods!

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