Outlaw Entrepreneurs’ Guide To Prospering In The Current Chaos

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Digital technology has made our world far more competitive and unstable. This is a big opportunity for the outlaw entrepreneur…

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The internet. Digital technology. Crypto currency. The blockchain. All have transformed our world and our economies. And are set to do so still more – exponentially so.

Despite these high levels of connectivity, we also see ever greater fragmentation and division.

Societies have splintered. Governments are running around like headless chickens (terrified of losing their tax revenues). Chaos and disorder have become the norm.

You’re got to be an elite individual to survive. Even more so if you want to thrive and prosper. You’ve got to be super-talented, technologically adept, and totally self-reliant.

In short, you’ve got to be an Outlaw Entrepreneur…

This involves relishing in the current chaos. Embracing it. And seeing it as an opportunity, rather than as something to fear. For, as a wise old sage of the oil industry once said, “There’s cash in chaos.”

With the world becoming increasingly unstable and unequal, the Outlaw Entrepreneur ensures he or she has the elite skills and mindset needed to prosper. And indeed to savour the disorder and entropy that is currently all around us.

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Eight tenets of the Outlaw Entrepreneur

There’s no set rules. Outlaw entrepreneurs embrace chaos and go with it. Sure, we need laser focus and a burning desire to attain our desires. But we adapt to wherever chaos takes us. We don’t fear instability or the breakdown of order that is all around us today. We see it as an opportunity. And we capitalise on it.

1. Play the money game

Money isn’t real. It pivots on an agreement that it has value. Money is no more than a belief. Therefore our pursuit of money is a game that outlaw entrepreneurs play for fun – and for the sheer frisson that comes with the process of attaining it. The end result – wealth – is immaterial to us. Playing the money game is like hunting. We are money hunters like the hunter gatherer peoples of ancient times. Only our prey is filthy lucre.

2. Buy freedom

Outlaw entrepreneurs recognise that each dollar, pound, yen or ruble is a “freedom ticket.” Each one buys you an increment of freedom. The more freedom tickets you have, the more free time you have. What you do with that freedom is up to you. You can take a vacation or make more cash. The point is you have the choice. So attaining freedom is closely bound up with the pursuit of filthy lucre.

3. Become God

Outlaw entrepreneurs don’t buy into religion. Instead they adopt the belief that they are God. The maxim is: I am God – and you are too. You could see this as a trick of the mind. If you are God, you create your own reality. You become the master of your fate and captain of your mental ship. Being God won’t spare you the ups and downs of life. But so long as you’re still in the land of the living, you’ll be able to deal with the hardships and tribulations in life – and prosper.

4. Do what you gotta do

Outlaw entrepreneurs do what’s needed. They recognise that nothing can stop you IF you have the sheer audacity and bravado to do it. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. You don’t need qualifications. You educate yourself. Some buckle down and get a job. That’s like voluntarily going to prison. Stick to your guns. Don’t shackle yourself in the chains of the masses. Do what you have to do to gain money and freedom. If you have to blow out friends – or even a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend – do it. Especially if they are naysayers or bringing negativity to the table. Clear the deadwood out of your life – and be free.

5. Kill your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is the kiss of death and will hold you back. If you’re poor, it’ll keep you poor. If you’re in a dull-as-hell management job, you’ll stay there up until you draw your pension, or are made redundant. So beat your comfort zone to death with a baseball bat. Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy. It involves fighting fear. Outlaw entrepreneurs have to work on not fearing anybody or anything. You won’t wholly succeed. But the idea is to keep trying until a more fearless attitude permeates your being.

6. Get laser focus

If you want money, you’ve got to have focus. Set your goals. And brush everything aside mercilessly. That way, you stand a fighting chance of achieving your ambitions, and are far more likely to get your hands on filthy lucre, along with the freedom that comes from attaining it. Most people’s attention is scattered. They’re all over the place. That gives the outlaw entrepreneur a huge advantage over the masses. By having one-point focus, you’ll be able to plan money making projects more effectively. You won’t be dancing around all over the place. And you’ll be far more productive and get things done in half the time.

7. Build burning desire

To get money the outlaw entrepreneur has to have a burning desire for it. But having a strong desire for money isn’t typically about wanting to buy the luxuries in life, like flash cars and opulent homes. They’re simply the icing on the cake. Burning desire is about having a definite purpose in life. You live and breathe money. And this means you’ll see money making opportunities everywhere you go. You’ll have more ideas than you can shake a stick at. That’s a great place to be in because becoming rich will no longer seem out of reach.

8. Harness the power within

The secret of success is to know what you want. When you clearly and consciously think about what you want to achieve, along with mulling over the pros and cons of it, you’ll gain a clear picture in your mind of what you really want in life. At that point, you’ve taken the first step in realising your desires. After that, it’s a question of harnessing the mighty power within – your subconscious mind or the “God within” (remember the maxim “I Am God”). This is the engine that can literally move mountains. The outlaw entrepreneur always strives to stay attuned to the power within.

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