David Mamet Woke Warpath, Lesbian Men – PLUS “Batman Effect” & NLP Modeling…

Born again conservative Mamet enraged by left coup against America… Lesbian men come out… plus the power of pretending to be somebody else…

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Latest podcast, talking about how Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, David Mamet, went from liberal to conservative, railing against woke culture and how it has mounted a coup against America. Plus musing on how there’s a new gender repertoire – “lesbian men” – and how it’s partly a result of the internet revolution where, online, you can be whoever and whatever you want to be.

I move onto how NLP modeling – which psychology has hijacked calling it the “Batman Effect” – can be used to great effect in improving your life; you basically pretend to be a person or character you want the attributes of and take them onboard (or plug them into your mind/body system). I also suggest that woke culture has done this unconsciously, and this has led to it being rabidly assertive and ultra confident…


The Business Of Religion, Self-Hypnosis + High Seas Piracy & Freedom

Religion, the big money spinner… how self-hypnosis can bring you the same effect as religious ecstasy (without the religion part)… plus hitting the high seas as pirates in Bill Gates’ luxury yacht…

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I muse on how religion is both big business and a control system. Then describe how you can get the same high that religion brings believers using self-hypnosis. You can cut out the Ten Commandments and get direct to the endorphin-driven religious “ecstasy.”

I move to how, during the Age of Reason, authors like Daniel Defoe eschewed the control system of religion and were essential deists, who believed in a Supreme Being, come creator, but that was it – no tenets and no creed.

After that I get into stealing Bill Gates’ luxury, ocean-going yacht and becoming pirates, and setting up a freedom colony in Madagascar or some far-flung island in the Pacific.

Voodoo Death? Or Scientific Explanation?

Was an ominous prediction of death by a midwife a voodoo hex? Or is there a scientific explanation?

In this podcast, we relate a story from 1967 in which three baby girls were born on Friday 13th in Florida, and how the midwife told the parents they were all hexed and would die at the ages of 16, 21, and 23. Lo and behold they all died at these ages. Is this a voodoo style hex? Or is there another explanation, one based on science?

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