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My Nine Rules are drawn from experience, the Vikings, bikers, and the Code of the West. All are (and were) individuals who live by their own natural laws and are about something – a rare thing in the current “age of lies.”

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So who am I?

I’m Jimmy Lee Shreeve, a bestselling author and entrepreneur. My latest book is The Unthinking Barbarians’ Nine Rules For Life. It offers a code for living based on experience, the Vikings, bikers and the Code of the West.

In the current age of lies, we need a code for living more than ever.

But why unthinking barbarian?

I use the term “unthinking barbarian” because much of the sheer madness we see today – notably from the liberal left – is down to thinking too much.

They tell themselves crazy stories, believing them to be true. And we are all aware of the sheer lunacy and oppression this has led to.

Thus I advocate the way of the unthinking barbarian. Which is about seeking out the rolling countryside, listening to nature’s song, quieting your mind, and hearing the runic whispers that speak of a new dawn coming.

Most crucially, it’s about being true to yourself. And following a code of honour, courage and loyalty.

OK. So why barbarian?

People today are mostly a sad reflection of what once was. By that I mean the Vikings and Saxons. The cowboys and gunslingers of the old west. Monguls, Huns and pirates. And in modern times, motorcycle clubs and hardcore Odinist heathens.

In short, barbarians. Some might say that’s a derogatory term. Maybe. But they were all people with a code of ethics. And those that still exist today still have a code of honour that they live by.

Most importantly, they are about something. They know who they are.

If you treat them with respect, they’ll treat you well too. If you don’t, woe betide you.

That’s how it should be. Fuck with me and I’ll seriously fuck with you.

Rise up! The barbarians are returning with a vengeance! The fight is on!

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