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Vegans vs werewolves article, picture shows fierce werewolf looking straight at us and growling, against a backdrop of twilight skies and a tree in outline.

Vegans eat plants, fruit, nuts, legumes and soy, and not animal products. Werewolves are hyper-carnivores and only eat meat and fish. Which is superior?

To answer that, we need to ask which is closest to nature: vegans or werewolves?

The answer, dear concerned reader, is werewolves.

They live and eat according to their instincts. Thus they are in line with the great creator – nature itself – and what it has provided for us on this planet.

Unlike vegans, werewolves don’t think in words, save when it is useful to do so. Otherwise they shut internal dialogue off.

They recognise that intellectualism is a shallow god; not one to be taken seriously, or one to lead your life by.

Vegans ruled by thinking

Vegans, however, live according to their self-talk. Their internal mentation (thinking in words) rules all. This typically takes them against nature. They literally self-talk themselves into eating poison – as in plants, beans, nuts and fruit.

All are harmful to the human system. Contrary to what vegans think, they are NOT a natural part of the human diet, and eating them will only lead to a slow, sticky end.

Make no mistake. Humans are hypercarnivores (70% meat). So be true to your nature. Don’t fall foul to the vegan fallacy. Instead, let the beast in you – the werewolf – rise to the fore. Embrace your beast within and you will be all that you can be: fit, healthy, happy, and powerful.

Vegans are domesticated humans. They buy into the programming that contemporary and civilised life is best for us.

Barbarism is natural

But as author Robert E. Howard said:

“Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilisation is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstances. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”

True humans – those that recognise the beast (or werewolf) within – live in alignment with Natural Law. They don’t go vegan. They eat a meat-only diet. And consequently enjoy genuine health and supreme physical fitness.

They eschew veganism as an unnatural pastime at best.

In their book, The Paleolithic Prescription (1989), S. Boyd Eaton, Melvin Konner, and anthropologist Majorie Shostak documented the superior health, physical development and fitness of uncivilised hunters or pastoralists. They ate a diet rich in animal protein, fat, and cholesterol. This came from wild game meat or cattle. But unlike us today, they ate very little carbohydrates.

The authors reviewed evidence that these carnivorous tribes had more robust health, muscle strength and stronger bones than the farmers and city dwellers who descended from them. Compared to them, we today, are insipid and weak.

This “de-evolution” is all down to our neurotic reliance on internal dialogue and shallow, egoistic intellectualism.

Rather than adopt veganism, we need to accept that we humans are carnivores, and learn to live by our instincts once again.

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