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Stressed business men rushing around with a clock face and financial district in the background

Typical naysayers (usually employees) will often say to me, “All you do is work, you don’t have a life.” It doesn’t occur to them that I might actually enjoy what I do – love it, even. Nope. To them work is a grind, something to be put up with in life.

So my answer to them is, “You’re a fucking wage stiff, stressed to high-hell, and working all hours to pay off your car loan and mortgage, not to mention your kids education. You’re in hock up to your ears. You call that a life? I don’t.”

Mostly they spend their time complaining about their lot, and not doing anything about it.

Whereas I did do something about it. Admittedly I started early. At twelve-years-old I vowed never to have a job. Sure that meant I was skint for a lot of years, not to mention lots of failed attempts at creating businesses. But in the end, I pulled it off, and the money started rolling in.

Sure, I did have to work all hours to build stuff up. But that’s not a problem – because, at some stage, a lot of it can usually be automated, and you get freedom to do what you want.

When you do get to the stage of having free time, you could swan off on holidays a lot; or you could create more businesses and avenues.

The latter would be work. But if you enjoy it, then it isn’t work – it’s a holiday! If you doing what you love, why wouldn’t you want to work all the time?

In fact, when I take a holiday I usually take my laptop with me and hook into wi-fi. That way, if any good ideas come to me, I can begin implementing them.

Quite honestly, I’d feel out on a limb if I couldn’t work while I’m away. I’d be yearning to get home and get on with stuff!

If you enjoy your work/business, then it’s your life. And why not?

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