Ode To The Motorcycle

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https://youtu.be/ak5K2bfyjW4 Video: Jimmy Lee Shreeve. Music: Jimmy Lee Shreeve Transcript I'm on my motorcycle, leaving behind the staid and uniform houses of suburbia on the eastside of Norwich in Norfolk. It's nice enough, a comfortable base, but it's time to feel the wind on my face and … [Read more...]

Analog’s HD Street 750 – “Scramblerized…”

analog custom street hd 750

Analog Motorcycles have done their first Harley Davidson custom build - they've "scramblerized" the new HD Street 750 with the goal of improving style and performance. The cruiser look has gone, and a whole lot of aftermarket parts have been added, but the seat, rear fender, front mudguard, and … [Read more...]

Biker Jack 5: Support Joe Robinson – ex British soldier who fought Isis in Syria

vintage motorcycle background

Joe Robinson (22) is an ex-solider who spent five months with Kurdish militia fighting ISIS while on the run from British justice. Story at AccringtonObserver.co.uk. It was wet. Biker Jack and I were holed up at the "Everyday Is A Picnic" cafe on the Bungay Road, ten or twelve miles south of … [Read more...]

Biker Jack 4: Herald Motor Co

vintage motorcycle background

It was August, the height of summer, and Biker Jack and I had parked our motorcycles at the St. Peter Mancroft bike park right in the heart of Norwich, next to the market square. During the day it's packed full of bikes, and there's always at least a handful at night too. Not only is it free to park … [Read more...]

Biker Jack 3: T.E. Lawrence – Maverick of Speed

vintage motorcycle background

T.E. Lawrence, known as "Lawrence of Arabia", was one of Biker Jack's life-long heroes. Lawrence (1888-1935) was a British scholar, writer and soldier. He famously mobilised the Arab Revolt in World War One, which was when he became known as Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence's preferredĀ mode of transport … [Read more...]

Biker Jack 2: Flying on the Ground

vintage motorcycle background

After the chance meeting with grizzled motorcycle rider Jack at the disused Rackheath airfield outside Norwich, we exchanged mobile numbers and said we'd meet up on the road when commitments allowed. He, like me, rode daily and would often hit the tarmac with no particular destination in mind; it … [Read more...]

Biker Jack 1: Witchcraft

vintage motorcycle background

I was riding down a sleepy lane on the east of Norwich when I found the old WW2 airfield. I flicked the bike's right turn-light, looked behind me, and rode into what would have been part of the runway. The concrete was cracked here and there, and there was the odd pot hole. Otherwise it was … [Read more...]


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