UK 2015 election – who should libertarians vote for?

Should we vote UKIP? Or select a Conservative candidate (if there is one) that is closer to libertarian ideas? Or go for the UK Libertarian Party if there is a candidate standing in your area?

James Blunt is genuinely successful, whereas Chris Bryant MP is a leech politician living off taxes (robbery)

James Blunt pens letter to ‘classist, prejudiced wazzock’ Chris Bryant MP over privilege claims – Telegraph.

Like the pop star James Blunt or not, bottom line is he is genuinely successful. The British Labour Party MP Chris Bryant is totally misguided in dismissing Blunt as “privileged.” Yes, Blunt might come from an affluent background, and attended private school, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t work very hard to become successful. To say otherwise is nothing short of prejudice.

Cannibalism: Loaded Magazine asked me to get them human flesh for a story

One of my books was called Cannibals (John Blake) and it dealt with modern and historic cannibalism. It got a fair bit of media attention when it came out. And the lad mag Loaded said they wanted to do a story on it. Turned out they wanted me to get some real human flesh for them so one of the writers could eat it.

Margaret Thatcher was great

Oxford University doing a disservice to everyone – including Muslims

Oxford University warns authors not to write about bacon, pork to avoid offending Muslims – Washington Times.

In the end, this is crazy. It is fear, clearly…and you can understand that, what with the threat of terrorist attacks from radical Islamic groups. But even a devout Muslim would probably prefer their academic books to tell it as it is, not sanitize reality for them. Plus the “special treatment” given to them might seem patronizing. It would to me. But then again, I’m not Muslim or religious in any shape nor form.

Terrorist threat – British citizens need to be armed

Citizens in Britain – and Europe – need the right to have guns to defend themselves. In Britain, we had this right up until the 1920 Firearms Act. And violent crime was very low. It is a FACT that more guns equals less crime. When it comes to the terrorism threat, we would be in a position to defend ourselves. At worst we’d go down fighting, which is a lot better than being a defenceless victim.

Britons are defenceless – we need guns

Britain is a land of pussies. We used to have an English Constitution that allowed us to keep and bear arms for private defence. The ruling class and governments took this away from UK citizens, most notably with the 1920 Firearms Act. This came in because the government of the time feared revolution from anarchists and the increasingly powerful trades unions. Violent crime was very, very low, despite the populace having the right to defend themselves with firearms.


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