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Described as Britain's answer to Hunter S. Thompson, author and journalist Jimmy Lee Shreeve blogs and makes videos with an anti-establishment "outlaw" twist. Keep updated: Subscribe by email to his latest videos and blogs.




Biker pisses in bottle of Bud causing shock, horror and outrage at arty cinema

Crowbar, Mental Mick and I went to an independent arty cinema that was showing the movie Easy Rider...

Flatten a coke can to park your motorcycle on its sidestand on soft ground

That's an old bikers' trick which I was first told about at eighteen by a seventy-year-old biker called Barker...

Crowbar, the biker, on romance vs hookers

"Might as well get married, Brenda. It'd save me money on hookers. Costs me £150 a time. We could stick that on a mortgage..."


Trump sworn in - massive ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT victory! Revolution now!

UK needs a DONALD TRUMP as Prime Minister

Ode To The Motorcycle

Where The Outlaws Are

We poisoned Roger Stone with polonium...

Donald Trump stand down or we will kill you